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Top 5 Programming languages for Data Science in 2021

Which programming language should you get to begin your Data Science venture?  Well it’s hard to choose one.

  The only way to learn new programming language is by writing programs in it
- Dennis Ritchie said once

Programming is quite hard at its beginning but if you get the idea it becomes superpower for any developer. Now and then, another programming language or an update to a current one springs up that attempts to convey quicker and more streamlined outcomes.Dennis Ritchie said once Developers can regularly wind up with a wide assortment of programming dialects, choosing which one to decide for their next project. There are Top 5 Programming languages for Data Science in 2021

Every Programming languages has its own value, something works for one project or a requirement might hard to work with another. Data science technologies are trending these days, demand for efficiency and edge to edge high performance results are appreciable.

This article will cover a modest bunch of those top-level programming languages

You need to consider when choosing the best programming language for becoming a data scientist

Presently before we leap to the part covering a portion of the top programming languages for Data Science, referenced underneath are a couple of the questions that you should pose to yourself:                                

  • ● What exactly is the task or problem at hand?
  • ● in what way can Data Science help you to solve it?
  • ● how skilled are you in the programming languages that you already know?
  • ● Are you prepared to take your knowledge to the next level?
  • ● at what scale does your organization use Data Science?
  • ● Are you interested in learning advanced Data Science technologies?

Now let’s see Top Programming Languages for Data Science in 2020

There are some widely used programming languages in Data Science field, you might already familiar with some of them, and some may completely new to you.

  1. Python :  Python holds a crucial spot among the top tools for Data Science and is regularly the go-to decision for a scope of assignments for spaces, for example, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It is object-oriented, simple to use and very developer friendly, hats off to its high code readability.
  2. Therefore, it is one of the most popular languages for data science as well. Python Support for powerful Data Science libraries such as Keras, Scikit-Learn, matplotlib, TensorFlow and Python also help to read the data in a spreadsheet by creating CSV Output
  3. JavaScript : JavaScript is another object oriented scripting  language utilized by information researchers or Data scientists . Many Java libraries are accessible today covering each sort of issue that a developer may run over. There are some extraordinary dialects for making dashboards and envisioning information.
  4. Popular processing frameworks like Hadoop run on Java. And it is one of those data science languages that can be quickly and easily scaled up for large applications.  JavaScript is the most popular language according to GitHub repositories contributions
  5.  R language: R is a high level programming language build  by analysts. The open-source language and programming are commonly utilized for measurable figuring and illustrations. Yet, it has a few applications in information science also and R has numerous helpful libraries for information science. R can come convenient for investigating informational indexes and leading specially appointed examination. Nonetheless, the circles have in excess of 1000 cycles, and it is more intricate to learn than Python. Its offers efficient handling of data and additional data analysis tools also provide excellent plots for data analysis and include an active community of contributors.
  6.  SQL : Being a software engineer, I'm certain you must've experience SQL sooner or later in your life.Throughout the long term, Structured Query Language or SQL has become a mainstream programming language for overseeing information. SQL doesn't only associate you to your information base, it fills a critical need and that is, it gives you current realities and measurements from a tremendous pool of information, with only a couple of quarries. There are some features we all love to use SQL, Its allow smoother management of huge amounts of data, it Helps you connect to your data to understand it better and many more
  7.  Scala :  Scala is an high level programming language that sudden spikes in demand for the Java Virtual Machine and can make working with Java simpler. Scala can be utilized viably with Spark to deal with a lot of siloed information. The basic simultaneousness uphold settles on Scala an ideal decision for building superior Data Science structures, for example, Hadoop. Key contributions by Scala include stability, versatile and can deliver output fast and efficently also offer strong community support
  8. According to popularity and advanced features these are top 5 programming languages used in data science technologies and projects

Note : Ranking according to developers reviews and comfortability

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