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Is Facebook Audience network is better than Google's Admob For Android/ ios App Monetization ?

Admob Vs Facebook audience Network

Peoples are using Mobile devices more than any other, large number of users looking for apps which can fulfill their need in term of daily usage and also Developers working on them to get good amount of Audience and revenue. this article is for those App developers who are struggling to get enough revenue form Apps. its very necessary to select a Ad network for apps it can be Admob, Facebook Ads or any other

Theere are some answers for question Facebook ad network vs AdMob - which one pays better?

1. Why not utilize both in mix, along with a couple of different organizations to consistently get the best outcomes? This is called automatic intercession. 

There are a couple of arrangements out there, yet the best I've found so far is Appodeal 

You have to information exchange for Admob and Facebook independently and interface your records to Appodeal, yet they are giving a Chrome Extension, which does that for you consequently. The other 10+ organizations are coordinated in their sdk and you don't need to enroll for them expressly. 

The payouts are overseen by Appodeal itself and you can plan them at whatever point you need. 

They can convey eCPMs up to 4–7$, contingent upon your client area which I have never reached with Admob alone.
2. I can see two unique capacities for Facebook Ads and AdMob you can investigate. 

From one perspective, you have an extraordinary spot to disseminate your items to a quality crowd (Facebook Ads); on the other, you will adapt your own application with an organization of different Ads (AdMob). 

The inquiry is: would you like to advance outsider offers? Go for Facebook Ads. 

Do you have your own application, and need to bring in cash with it? AdMob is the response for you! 

Good wishes!

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