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Facebook Now Pays CS Students /Hackers for Reporting Security Bugs in 3rd-Party Apps

Following a series of security mishaps, and knowledge abuse through its social media platform, Facebook these days increasing its bug bounty program terribly very distinctive thanks to enhance the protection of third-party apps and websites that integrate with platform. Last year, Facebook launched “Data Abuse Bounty” program to reward anyone United Nations agency reports valid events of 3rd-party apps grouping Facebook users' knowledge and spending it off to malicious parties, violating Facebook's revamped knowledge policies. Apparently, it seems that almost all the time, Facebook users' knowledge that had been used was exposed within the 1st place because the results of a vulnerability or security weakness in third-party apps or services.

The Facebook system contains immeasurable third-party apps, and sadly, only a few of them have a vulnerability revealing program or provide bug bounty rewards to white-hat hackers for responsibly reportage bugs in their code base. due to this communication gap between researchers, and therefore the affected app developers, Facebook's security programs for 3rd-party apps and websites were, until now, simply restricted to “passively perceptive vulnerabilities” Facebook already once made its bug bounty program to find bugs for 3rd-party apps in july 2018 , the theme was solely restricted to valid report submissions for the exposure of Facebook users' access tokens that enable individuals to log into another app victimization Facebook.

"Although these bugs aren't related to our own code, we want researchers to have a clear channel to report these issues if they could lead to our users' data potentially being misused,"  Facebook says.

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