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Magi+: Magic Video Editor Premium/ Pro Apk [20.41MB ] Magi+ Editing Application Pro Apk

About Magi+ Editing Android Application 

Magi + is an application that will help you to dream of "becoming a superhero", knowing magic, transforming into Doctor Strange / Iron Man / Thor, ... without having to be good at Photoshop / after effect at all .. Remember the famous "stop swiping" video on TikTok? This app will also integrate. All you have to do is open it, press it, take a deep action !! In short, all the effects have been used to worry, your job is to act deeply. This application yesterday I surfed Facebook to see ads (maybe because I watched videos walking too much) so share it for those who do not know, whoever knows, then skip it.Free to use, we will not have many effects, full features but still enough to use . it's just free for 3 days, guys take advantage of filming in 3 days bared (free things are not much that :)) .. Those who are passionate about "virtual life", want to use longer , if you want the full set, then drop 160k for the weekly package, 700k for the monthly package or buy one time at 800k price to use forever :))


You have to wait 10 seconds.

How to Create Video In Magi+ Android Application :

simply select the effect you want (rain control, Iron Hero, Doctor Strange, ...), press the spin, follow the instructions and then save or share the newly made video. In short, using the App is simple. And whether the video creates "good" or not depends on your level of depth / sensitivity. Forum like me, it will fail slightly ^^. Happy brothers and sisters offline.

If you like, add color effects to vivid. By the way, the video at the preview is dim but after generating - the processing is still good, guys.

File Size : 20.41MB

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