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Why More Americans Are In Favour Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Than Oppose It

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most  important discovery or development of this century .but it may also affect many views of Human life from health to unemployment. A recent survey was done by the Center for the Governance of AI located at university of oxford where they survey from was organized in between June 6 and 14 ,2018,having total 2k+ Americans ( 18+) they completed that survey  

The purpose of this this survey is to gain the opinion of Americans what they think about Artificial Intelligent (AI), and based on the results most of Americans in favor of Artificial intelligent than oppose it. opinions on different areas were mixed from one group to another. They Said "computer systems that perform tasks or make a decision that usually require human intelligence." its shows 41% of its respondents claim they are supporting the future technology Artificial Intelligent

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