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Oneplus 6T-The new Flagship killer is here ! -Price, Full Specifications & Features

Oneplus has been a brand to watch out in these days of  $1000 flagships. Oneplus is a brand people rely on to produce flagships at price point of $550. Naturally, markets stirs whenever a new oneplus is about to make debut. Its been nearly 5 months that the previous oneplus flagship oneplus 6 was released, and market is hot with new rumors of oneplus 6T. There is almost a month to go for the awaited release, so here are some expected features of up coming Flagship killer.

Its supposed to feature same display as oneplus 6. 6.4 inch 1080P full HD optic AMOLED. We do expect a 2K or 4K screen but T is mostly an incremental update. The notch will supposedly be waterdrop style. The device will also have in-display fingerprint scanner.
It will feature same snapdragon 845. As no new snapdragon has been announced yet. Ram will remain same 6GB and 8GB variant
Will probably feature same battery. No change is expected. We could probably see the advent of wireless charging in oneplus though possibility remains small as oneplus is very confident of its proprietary dash charging.
Build as expected would be glass sandwich design with aluminium strips in sides. Not much to improve here anyways.
There have been some wild rumors about supposedly new triple camera setup. We cannot confirm it yet still it could be very possible seeing the competition from honor P20 pro.
Update- We have confirmed that there will be no triple camera setup, it'll sport same dual cameras as oneplus 6.
The device will obviously support dual 4G VoLTE as well as 5G. A bigger 512 GB variant can be expected.
Here is an expected look. We can expect release in november, while price for base 64 GB variant would be around ₹36999. The phone will come without a headphone jack.

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