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INT306 Database Management Systems (DBMS) End term Question Paper LPU

Course Outcomes:
• develop skills and understanding in the database design and make use of database
management systems for applications
• develop understanding about relational algebra, relational model and SQL for
implementing and maintaining databases
• develop understanding about the different issues involved in the design and
implementation of a database system
INT306 Database Management Systems End term Question Paper (Click To Download)
Unit I Introduction to Databases : purpose of database systems, components of dbms, applications of dbms, three tier dbms architecture, data independence, database schema, instance, data modeling, entity relationship model, relational model Unit II Relational Query Languages : relational algebra, introduction to data definition language, data manipulation, data control and transaction control language, integrity constraints, database keys, sql basic operations, aggregate functions, sql joins, set operators, views, subqueries Unit III Relational Database Design : data integrity rules, functional dependency, need of normalization, first normal form, second normal form, third normal form, boyce codd normal form, multivalued dependencies, fourth normal form, join dependencies, fifth normal form and pitfalls in relational database design Unit IV Database Transaction Processing : transaction system concepts, desirable properties of transactions, schedules, serializability of schedules, concurrency control, recoverability Unit V Programming Constructs in Databases : flow control statements, functions, stored procedures, cursors, triggers, exception handling Unit VI File Organization and Trends in Databases : file organizations and its types, indexing, types of indexing, hashing, hashing techniques, introduction to big data,

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