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My First Day At LPU by ' Anushka Rajwansh '

 I was surrounded by beautiful, tall buildings, and lush,well maintained gardens. 

School and college were finally behind me and I could proudly designate myself a “GRADUATE”. The next  step was to start with my masters, so I took admission in LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY. 28 July, 2016 was the first day of Induction for my course, conducted by the faculty and students of LPU. I arrived at the campus with a thousand questions on my mind. What would the University be like? Would I be able to handle my studies and everything else?  Would I make the kind of friends I had at school and college? Would the teachers be strict or lenient? 

I entered the gates with a huge crowd of other Freshmen. I was  directed by many different people to the main admission block. On my way there I took quick stock of my surroundings, and what I saw gladdened my heart. I was surrounded by beautiful, tall buildings, and lush, well maintained gardens. 

The auditorium was every bit as breathtaking as the rest of the university – big, air conditioned, sound proof, beautifully lit, and  with very comfortable seats. The imposing stage at the front was beautifully decorated. Once seated, I looked around to see that some freshmen were accompanied by their parents and some faces were obviously not Indian, there was a great variety of people from different places like Varanasi,  Jharkhand, Nigeria , Punjab, Afghanistan  and many more.

The anchors were our seniors, a boy and a girl, both very attractive. They welcomed us with a very inspiring address. We were then shown motivational presentations and told about the rules and regulations of the university. ATTENDANCE, we were made to understand, was not to be taken lightly here. The university leadership welcomed us and guided us on how to make the best of all LPU has to offer.  

Later on I went to different blocks as per the list of venues and times provided to me in the morning. The list took me to my teachers, class rooms and laboratories. It was mesmerising to see the infrastructure , air conditioned classes and projectors installed everywhere. Of course I began to feel a little lost eventually, the whole place is so huge, it would take anyone time to remember places and direcions in a University  that covers an area of 600 acres . 

In the Evening  we were invited for a culture showcase. There were games, Mr.and Ms.Freshmen competition, and a whole lot more. I was asked to speak a tongue twister for 5 times that was “I scream, you scream, we scream,  we all scream for ice cream” and I did it! It was all amazing and I enjoyed myself a lot. Next, 5 girls and 5 boys were asked to walk the ramp – girls in boys’ attire and boys in the girls’ attire and I was amongst the chosen 5 girls. Stepping on the stage of LPU for the first time I had multiple feelings which I don’t think I can be express in words. Later on,  dances like hip-hop, classical Indian, and bhangra were performed by the seniors. A ribbon tying ceremony followed, wherein all the new students wished for a good new start and tied a ribbon onto a tree. Then we all danced together with our seniors to celebrate the start of our new LPU journey. We all got a group photograph clicked and dispersed after that.  THAT WAS MY FIRST DAY AT LPU – MEMORABLE AND TOTALLY WONDERFUL. I HOPE ALL MY DAYS HERE ARE AS GREAT!

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  1. My First Day At LPU by ' Anushka Rajwansh '

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