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How to Get a High-Paying job at Google,Process,Experts Advice

Google is the fifth highest paying company in the US, according to Glassdoor.
But to land one of those high-paying jobs, you'll have to be strategic about it - especially if you're just out of school and have a low GPA.
We looked through Quora, Glassdoor, and other sources to find ways to stand out when you have a mediocre academic record.
The company is also known for the high amount of salaries that it pays to its employees. Googlers are paid upwards of $100,000 annual salary. 

The company receives over 2.5 million candidate applications each year. Google has devalued the college GPAs and academic qualification lately. The most important key to bag a job at Google is having a strong foundation of computer science. We have compiled the list of skills that Google looks for in the potential candidate. 

1. Coding experience
The academic certificate is just one criterion to filter out the candidates. Google cares a lot about the programming experience that you bring to the table. In order to stand out, you must be having a decent programming experience. The company looks for candidates who can easily interpret the code and suggest different ways to improve it. 

2. Abstract Mathematics:

Logical reasoning and discrete math lay the foundation of computer programming. Google looks for candidates with keen knowledge of abstract maths. The company focuses on building innovative technologies and software products. The logical reasoning capabilities play a vital role while working at Google. 

3. Artificial Intelligence

Google has been working on next-generation products and robots that are powered by smart AI algorithms. It is important for the potential candidates to have a thorough knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to work at Google. 

4. Cryptography 

The company has dedicated teams working on cyber security. With the number of products being in consumer space, it is important for Googlers to know the fundamentals of cryptography. 

5. Algorithms and data structures

Google wants its potential candidates to have a thorough knowledge of fundamental components of programming. You should be able to work on advanced data types like stack, queues, and bags. Googlers spend a lot of time of the year building new algorithms to improve the user experience of Google products. 

6. T-Shaped Person 

The tech giant is known for hunting ’T-shaped’ people. What it means is, being very skilled in one specific field. You should focus on excelling at a particular technology or skill to bag the job at Google. 

7. Open-source Projects

The open source lies in the very foundational philosophy of Google. The chances to get recruited at Google are much higher if you have contributed to open source projects. The impressive track record will get you one step closer to the job at Google. 

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